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Smart Charger () for Li-ion/Polymer Rechargeable

Publication date: 2018-04-22 21:27

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It is better to fully charge batteries and then store them fully charged in the freezer than to leave them on trickle charge for very extended periods of time.

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Yes. The most common cause of premature battery failure is overcharging. The type of chargers most likely to cause overcharging are the 5 or 8 hour so-called "rapid chargers". The problem with these chargers is that they really don't have a charge control mechanism. Most of them are simple designs which charge at their full charge rate for a fixed period of time, typically five or eight hours, and then shut off or switch to a lower "trickle" charge rate. If they are used properly, these chargers are fine. If they are used improperly they can shorten a battery's useful life in a couple of ways.

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Many of the older NiCd chargers are the simple timed type charger which will charge batteries for a fixed amount of time and then shut off. Unfortunately, since NiCd batteries have a much lower capacity than NiMH batteries, the timer is likely to shut off long before the NiMH batteries are fully charged. This won't harm the batteries, but the NiMH batteries won't be fully charged since the timer will have stopped the charge cycle too soon.

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You can choose your trickle charger based on battery type, including maintenance free, desulfating, wet cell, industrial or deep cycle. Gel cell batteries are a special case, but some of our gel cell chargers will work with other battery types.

From motorcycles, RVs and golf carts to boats, jet skis and aircraft, you're sure to find the right battery charger for your application at . With the most battery chargers, brands and models available anywhere, we offer you the power you need to charge and maintain a battery in almost any environment, whether for industrial or recreational use.

Unlock the power of 9-stage smart charging with the optional IQ-9 smart charge controller. Four-stage smart charging ensures fast, efficient charging and protects your battery.

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Also common among older NiCd chargers are the so called "overnight" chargers which charge batteries at a low rate as long as the charger is plugged in. This type of charger can fully charge NiMH batteries, but it might take a very long time to do so. It's possible that an old NiCd charger could take as long as 98 hours to fully charge new high capacity NiMH batteries! This type of charger is not likely to damage NiMH batteries unless the batteries are left in the charger for weeks at a time, but it may not be very convenient to use. If you have this type of charger you can get an idea of how long you'll need to charge your batteries by using the calculator found above.

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Smart Charger () for Li-ion/Polymer Rechargeable Smart battery charger lithium ion

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