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This might also be a place to discuss an anti-racist perspective of the Book of Mormon.  While there are racist verses in the Book of Mormon and the Church’s own history with race is wrought to say the least, there are some interesting cases to be made for an anti-racist reading of the Book of Mormon.  In an article on Medium by Kwaku El (a member of African heritage), he writes the following, in response to the question, “why are there black Mormons? How could any self-respecting African American subscribe to the doctrine of the Latter-day Saint movement?”:

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Blood Basics Online (PDF) - I use this worksheet after the first presentation to reinforce the topics discussed and reinforce the concepts in blood typing after we've done the classroom blood typing lab. The sites are listed on the Forensic Science page at the Kid Zone

What Are Monocytes? - Definition, Function & Blood Test

I would pair this statement with one of these from Gandhi – “It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err” or “the first condition of humaneness is a little humility and a little diffidence about the correctness of one’s conduct and a little receptiveness.” And then I would ask: How do humility and modesty breathe life into discourse? What are their benefits? What are their limits?

Although not a lesson plan, these fun Tongue Twisters can

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Doctors can tell a lot about what is going on with a person by whether they have elevated or lowered levels of monocytes in the blood. Elevated levels of monocytes are seen when people have infections, inflammatory diseases or certain types of cancers. This reflects the body's need for a large number of monocytes to help fight off the germs. Low levels of monocytes usually indicate having a condition that is suppressing the immune system response or from the body's inability to produce enough monocytes to stop an overwhelming amount of germs.

Fingerprint Guide (PDF) - This one-page handout includes examples for all of the ridge patterns and characteristics discussed in the fingerprinting lessons.

Other Fingerprinting Resources:

At the skill using stage, the learners are invited to use the third conditional. To this end, four situations are provided.

Quiz : Blood Basics Quiz (PDF)

Other Resources for Blood Evidence:

Stress can elevate or lower the levels of monocytes found in the blood. Good stress, like exercise or positive experiences, promotes the production of monocytes in the body. Bad stress, like exposure to cigarette smoke and feeling depressed, can decrease the levels of monocytes the body produces, making the person more susceptible to illness.

Reference Card : Fire Science Card (PDF) - This two-sided handout replaces the worksheet for the Fire Science lesson.
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