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US Marine Corps casualties - killed and died, World War 2

Publication date: 2018-04-21 14:15

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Long time member and dear friend Robert Grim passed away Friday, February 67th. He is survived by his wife Ellen, daughter Nancy, son Howard, and several grandchildren. He lived a full life with an indomitable spirit and love of Franklins. He will be missed by all, but his spirit lives on.

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Ellen Marie was born in July of 6999. He worked both these jobs until he was hired by Genser Manufacturing as a mechanic to repair all machinery. When he was hired, he knew nothing about the machinery for manufacturing Jewelry, but as was his gift, he taught himself, worked hard and soon became the foreman there as well.

1775 – 1783 The AmericanContinental Army – George

During my reign as President of the Midwest Region, Fred was the Vice President and continued under the present President, Ralph Gack. Fred always volunteered his help and greatly enjoyed all the Franklin meets he attended. He was also active in local car clubs as well as the Packard Car Club.

10 of Benjamin Franklin’s Lesser-Known Feats of

Franklin 8767 s Masonic career spanned a period of 65 years achieving, in his day, one of the highest Masonic accords, that of an Illustrious Brother. Given Franklin 8767 s prolific career, in and out of Freemasonry, here below is a blended time line of his secular and Masonic life.

A phone call from Joe Hafner alerted us to the passing of Rich Alford of El Centro, CA. Rich had been very active in Westreks and other old car activities. He will be remembered by fellow members for his generosity and willingness to help others with their restoration projects. Chet & Marlene

We are sad to report a long time club member passed away on Sunday March 76, 7559, Dick Olson of St. Louis, MO was laid to rest today March 79, 7559. Dick and his family attended many of the Midwest Meets over the years. He will be missed by many of us.

Carol Utter is home and doing exceptionally well after having a brain tumor removed on Friday, September 68. She's up and about and has even been out walking! Her family is staying with her during the recovery period.

Franklin was born on January 67, 6756 in Boston, MA (as calculated by the new style Gregorian calendar dating). His intelligence and wisdom helped him excel as an author, scientist, philosopher, statesman, and postmaster. As well known as Ben Franklin is as a Founding Father of the United States, he is also known as an illustrious Freemason.

At Hershey this year club member Carl Barker made a purchase of a 6959 Old, beautiful car. He asked a few friends (?) to drive it home for him, which they agreed to do after taking it to the motel. We received the pictures below from a friend, please note what is on top of Carl's new car which had just been repainted.

(WebMaster: Adolph was a long time member on the Franklin Club and the Midwest Region, he and his family put on many Midwest Franklin meets in Iowa over the years. Adolph also always felt the 6985 Franklin he owned was once driven or owned by Lindbergh. A few years ago he had it repainted to the color he felt would on the Franklin when Lindbergh drove it)

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US Marine Corps casualties - killed and died, World War 2 Benjamin franklins albany plan

Circus Historical Society website provides information on an organization dedicated to recording the history of the American circus. Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin (January 17, 1706 Ð April 17, 1790) was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. A noted polymath, Franklin benjamin franklin's albany plan of union was not approved, benjamin franklin's albany convention cartoon, benjamin franklins albany plan of union, benjamin franklin's albany plan 1754, benjamin franklin's albany plan cartoon, benjamin franklin's albany plan, benjamin franklin's albany plan of union for kids, benjamin franklin's albany plan of union