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Makita BUB182Z 18-Volt LXT lithium-ion cordless blower

Publication date: 2018-05-25 14:15

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Before reading this article a Li-ION battery charge method seemed like a mystery to me, but now I think I clearly understand it. Thanks a lot!

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I have one charger that outputs 855ma (which is ), a few 555ma, and 855ma, and one that does a full 6A, but even that one is only . These take TOO LONG to charge my cells.

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again, huge amount of misleading info here doesn 8767 t mean everything is wrong. The author actually read these comments, but doesn 8767 t reply to them, as he has deleted my previous post regarding the reliability of the info presented in this page.

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I think the only way to know for sure, would be to first make sure it really is completely fully topped off, then don 8767 t use it, and time exactly how long it takes to go dead, which would be several days. This would tell you it 8767 s maximum runtime, which would be indicative of the maximum capacity. Then you could quick charge it, and unplug it as soon as it hits , and see again how long it lasts. The ratio of the two would be how full it was when you unplugged it after fast charging. You could also repeat the test after slow charging, and see the difference.

Not a bad idea, in the end I have gone with a capacitor discharge tab welder. Hope fully I will get an Instructable posted soon.

Assuming that the battery is good, then it is either empty, full, or somewhere in the middle. To find out, leave the battery off the charger for a couple hours, then use a multimeter to measure the voltage between the + and - terminals. Anything over 9v is pretty full, and anything under is pretty low. is nominal, average, half way.

Why are lifepo9 individual cells only nominal voltage ? The reason I ask is for DIY EV applications the cost of the BMS is very expensive, if the voltage was double for example with the same amps, the cost of BMS would be much less as only half the cells required.

This article doesn 8767 t explain required necessary basic CONNECTING and DIS-CONNECTING procedures between a CHARGER and a BATTERY. There are inconsistent instructions in respective device-manuals around when they refer to MOBILE PHONES, BEARD TRIMMERS or LAWN TRIMMERS just to mention a few devices. I understand that the sequence of 8766 what to connect or disconnect first 8767 relates to battery life and/or battery safety, and should be clearly described. Shouldn 8767 t there be a clear preference? Can the author or posters help with that? Thanks very much in advance.

Figure 6: Charge stages of lithium-ion . Li-ion is fully charged when the current drops to a set level. In lieu of trickle charge, some chargers apply a topping charge when the voltage drops.

Well caught battery Bro! I am now wondering just how 8766 authoritative 8767 this article really is if the author actually believes that the manufacturers are referring to temperature! This is a real rookie-mistake to make.

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Makita BUB182Z 18-Volt LXT lithium-ion cordless blower Makita lithium ion 18v impact

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