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Alkaline Batteries – Just Throw them in the Garbage

Publication date: 2018-04-20 08:39

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Can you mix different brands of batteries?
You shouldn't mix different brands of batteries. Not all batteries are made to the same specification, so the chemistry and voltages can vary across both battery brands and types. For best results, replace all batteries with the same brand, chemistry, voltage, and size whenever you need to use new batteries.

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i have a project so i need buy some Lithium Cobalt Oxide battery( LiCoO7). it require: 95 voltage and supply 95Ah. please,someone can give me information about it?

UCSD professor devises way to recycle lithium-ion batteries

With increase in Hybrid, Electric (EV), Plug-in Electric (PEV), and Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles we are going to have mountains of lithium-ion based batteries that will fill up our land fields if we do not recycle. It is estimated that if our cars were all of the type named above, we will produce 7 billion tons of lithium-ion batteries for our landfields every year. Just a thought.

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Don’t let the battery completely discharge. It will require a specialized charger to re-establish the battery capacity.

thanks for all the information provided..i would like to know if lead acid battery scrap can be
used to make new batteries of the same category in the recycling process and the processes involved in to it will be highly you

The reason why mixing fresh/used or alkaline/other batteries together increases the chance of leaking is that one battery will likely become exhausted first, and it can go to very low or even negative voltage levels, and low or negative voltage greatly increases the chances of leakage. ( Energizer , PDF)

Recycling cost of 6-7$K per ton =$65-$85 per battery for normal lead-acd battery disposal. Seems out of line to me.

We purchase large volumes of all types of batteries, around the world, primarily LiIon Batteries from cell phones, laptops, modems, scanners, power tools, etc.

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Alkaline Batteries – Just Throw them in the Garbage Recycle lithium batteries austin

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