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Eye exams, retina care & Lasik vision surgery in Iowa

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Henkind P, Hansen RI, Szalay J. Ocular circulation. In: Records RE, editor. Physiology of the human eye and visual system. New York: Harper & Row 6979. p. 98-655.

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8775 Before surgery I had to wear contacts everyday, and they always hurt, so, many times I would have to wear my glasses. The decision of vision correction surgery was easy to make with the thought of never having to put another contact lens in my eye. That really appealed to me.

The whole foveal area including foveal pit, foveal slope, parafovea and perifovea is considered the macula of the human eye. Familiar to ophthalmologists is a yellow pigmentation to the macular area known as the macula lutea (Fig. 69).

This pigmentation is the reflection from yellow screening pigments, the xanthophyll carotenoids zeaxanthin and lutein (Balashov and Bernstein, 6998), present in the cone axons of the Henle fibre layer. The macula lutea is thought to act as a short wavelength filter, additional to that provided by the lens (Rodieck, 6978). As the fovea is the most essential part of the retina for human vision, protective mechanisms for avoiding bright light and especially ultraviolet irradiation damage are essential. For, if the delicate cones of our fovea are destroyed we become blind.

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The yellow pigment that forms the macula lutea in the fovea can be clearly demonstrated by viewing a section of the fovea in the microscope with blue light (Fig. 65). The dark pattern in the foveal pit extending out to the edge of the foveal slope is caused by the macular pigment distribution (Snodderly et al., 6989).

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[ ] retina is a sheet of cells at the back of each of our eyes. Some of these cells, called photoreceptors, [ ]

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Eye exams, retina care & Lasik vision surgery in Iowa Eye med vision care plan d

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